EP 259 — Jonathan Goldman: Healing with Sound

Living 4D with Paul Chek

19-09-2023 • 2 hrs 42 mins

Paul has discussed the impact sound has on your health a lot in previous Living 4D episodes, but there’s much more that needs to be explored…

Discover how myth and sound are linked, why mantras are so powerful and the benefits of conscious humming with author, musician and spiritual teacher Jonathan Goldman in this very audible Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Jonathan’s books, courses and audio downloads at his Healing Sounds website. Download his FREE 7-Minute Chakra Tune-Up and check out his videos on YouTube. Also, Jonathan is re-releasing his signature Sacred Vibrational Frequencies course at this link!


  • “What if music could be used to make people feel better?” (8:21)
  • Aspects of sound are tied to the creation myths in various cultures. (11:14)
  • Power of the mantra. (13:11)
  • Vibration. (23:07)
  • Frequency + intent = healing. (31:34)
  • “We are vibratory beings.” (34:44)
  • The simple secret of silence. (39:19)
  • “The true healing power of sound lies in harmonics.” (43:35)
  • Formants. (53:55)
  • Undertones aren’t a figment of your imagination. (1:00:40)
  • Merkaba of Sound by Jonathan on YouTube. (1:15:04)
  • Psychoacoustics and vibroacoustics. (1:20:51)
  • Louis Pasteur/germ theory versus Antione Beauchamp/terrain therapy. (1:35:04)
  • The benefits of conscious humming and nitric oxide. (1:42:15)
  • You can hum your prayers too. (1:59:16)
  • What does Ohm mean? (2:16:55)
  • Is tinnitus an aspect of the divine sound current? (2:21:47)


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