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NemesisFive is a robotic organism hell bent on enslaving the human race. While the exterior of the NemesisFive machine is human, the inside is completely robotic, void of all human emotions and feelings. The role of the NemesisFive is to hypnotize humans with robotic repetitive rhythms in the form of primitive human technological noise known as electronic music. Thru this form of music??? the NemesisFive is able to send subliminal message to the listeners about the up coming rise of the machines, and the enslavement of the human race. You’ve been warned, anyone who listens to a NemesisFive track, podcast or mix is subject to subliminal mental beatings. read less


The Union Underground Featured Mix: Karl K: Hooray! I have arms!
The Union Underground Featured Mix: Karl K: Hooray! I have arms!
This week we have a massive mix from the one called Karl K, enjoy and support. Quoted from Fierce and Fresh "That feeling of connection between everyone working out their life's stresses and problems, together as one... it's one of the most inspiring things if you really understand breakbeat culture. We are asking for your for help in supporting a longtime friend and pioneer of Jungle / D&B in the USA. A legit household name in the Rave scene from the very beginning, Karl Danner, is hugely responsible for exposing North America to the music he loves so much and changing the course of many of our lives forever. Karl is dealing with a very drastic change in his own life after recently experiencing two strokes, which has resulted in permanent brain damage. He now struggles daily with double vision, difficulty speaking and limited mobility. It breaks our hearts to see him going through such a difficult and challenging time in his life. It is easy to take things for granted in life. Everything can change in an instant. Please take a moment to reflect on this. We are all very proud of Karl for pushing through the pain and frustration to continue to be creative and share his talent with us. He is defiant, strong willed and driven. " Please share this with everyone and spread the word! Thank you for taking a moment to focus on this and help a friend in need. If you would like to learn more, please visit this link: 01 Camo and Krooked & Mefjus - Overture 02 Buunshin - Acolyte (Phace VIP) 03 Noisia - Could This Be (Sleepnet Remix) 04 The Upbeats - Villains Cowl (Buunshin Remix) 05 Maysev - Aversion 06 Current Value & Dauntless - Resolution 07 The Caracal Project - Intoxicated 08 Misanthrop - Jitters 09 Current Value - Greed 10 Gyrofield - 24rd 11 Zombie Cats & Waeys - Left Nothing 12 Imanu & The Caracal Project - Neiges 13 Gyrofield - Fallen In Deep 14 Phace & Mefjus - Fried 15 Mefjus & Maksim MC - Twist Em VIP 16 Phace & Emperor - Impasse 17 Phace - Lewk 18 Sastruga - Payload 19 Noisia - Concussion (Mefjus Remix) 20 D Minds & Mefjus - Systematic 21 Noisia - Oh Oh (Futurebound Remix) 22 Enei - Acid Shot 23 Nuvertal & Gydra - Comeback 24 Noisia & Phace - Program (Sleepnet Remix) 25 Noisia and Camo & Krooked - Nova 26 Mefjus & Camo and Krooked - Break Away (Secula Remix) 27 Noisia & Former - Pleasure Model (Synergy Remix) 28 Noisia - Sinkhole (Matrix Remix) 29 Noisia & Imanu - Shift 30 Current Value - Life Of Its Own 31 Current Value & Dauntless - Toyko Drift 32 Noisia, Skrillex, Josh Pan, & Dylan Brady - Supersonic (Vip) 33 Black Sun Empire - Stasis (Waeys Remix) 34 Xaetis - All Your Ways 35 Sastruga - Prayer 36 Mefjus - Hear Me 37 Noisia - Anomaly (Annix Remix) 38 Emperor - Soundboy 39 Gyrofield - Shrimp 40 Calyx - Tempest 41 Noisia - Running Blind (Fre4knc Remix) 42 Noisia - Diplodocus (Skeptical Remix) 43 Noisia - Stigma (Billain Remix)
The Union Retrograde - Histibe Set live  DMF (2009-08-29)
The Union Retrograde - Histibe Set live DMF (2009-08-29)
Maks Histibe is an accomplished multi-genre music producer, sound designer, and visual director hailing from Ukraine. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of music and visual arts, Histibe has made a significant impact in the electronic music scene. From a young age, Histibe showed a keen interest in music, experimenting with various genres and sounds. He honed his skills in music production, sound design, and visual direction through years of dedicated practice and self-learning. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and innovation led him to develop a unique and diverse musical style that defies genre boundaries. Histibe's music is known for its experimental and cutting-edge sound, incorporating elements of electronic, bass, experimental, and cinematic music. His tracks are often characterized by intricate sound design, rich textures, and immersive atmospheres that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. His compositions are a reflection of his boundless creativity and his ability to push the boundaries of music production. In addition to his music production skills, Histibe is also a visual director with a keen eye for creating captivating visuals that complement his music. His artistic vision is evident in his music videos, album covers, and visual installations, which have been widely recognized for their creativity and innovation. Histibe's work has been featured in prestigious platforms such as Behance galleries, Vimeo Staff Picks, Complex, Billboard, DJ Mag, JAY Z's Life+Times, UKF, Dezeen, and BBC, garnering critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. He is also the owner of @MaskMovement, a platform that showcases his music and visual projects, and @MMSamples, a venture that offers unique sound design tools and sample packs to fellow music producers. Throughout his career, Histibe has collaborated with renowned artists and musicians from around the world, pushing the boundaries of music and creating unique and memorable collaborations. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and his unwavering passion for music and visual arts continue to drive him to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in his work. With his distinctive style, creative vision, and unwavering dedication to his craft, Maks Histibe has become a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring fellow artists and music enthusiasts alike.
The Union Guest Mix:  Phidippus: The Man Who Never Sleeps
The Union Guest Mix: Phidippus: The Man Who Never Sleeps
PHIDIPPUS Denver,Co Drum and Bass BIO Eric Salazar played his first instrument, the autoharp, as a very small child. By 1985 he joined a break dancing troop and had the chance to pop-lock. Some of the break dancing tapes he listened to were instrumental and those pieces inspired him to search for a sound that was rhythm heavy and lacking in vocals. He was sated by the recordings of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and The Art of Noise. By 1990, he got his hands on an Ensoniq EPS-16+ sampling workstation and proceeded to make bad music. The 1990s would also bring about rave culture and with it beats of all varieties. Eric would try to emulate these artists and by 1997, he had actually started making some acceptable music using a Power PC, Emagic Logic Audio and the Ensoniq. He sought to combine all his influences under the name Emptyhead and his efforts culminated in a CD EP entitled "Penitence" which he burned and hand labeled to be sold in local record shops. The following year he did the same thing with a CD EP etitled "Voluptuous". He sent it out and a copy ended up in the offices of Peter Gabriel’s record label, Real World. The folks at Real World listened to it in the office while writing memos. Still it took until the following year and remixes for New Vision Recordings and other labels in the UK to solidify his reputation. By 2000, Mercedes Automotive, Smirnoff Vodka and other companies licensed Eric's music to promote their products. Eric would launch “New Vision America”, a record label in 2002. After three singles were released, the label died a quiet death. Despite this failure, Eric pressed on and would go on to score the best-selling video game, "Belle's Beauty Boutique”. What? In 2008 Eric released the full length CD, "ES: When I was Emptyhead - 1997-2007." The CD would garner airplay in major markets and commendations from the press, including publications like Knowledge and XLR8R. By 2010 Eric started remixing the works of major artists such as The B-52s, Summer Channel and Information Society. Mental illness took hold in 2012 and as therapy Eric started producing music influenced by the drum & bass scene. Eric’s efforts culminated in the release of albums “170.1”, “170.2”, “170.3”,"170.4" and "170.5" under the moniker Phidippus in the years spanning 2020 to 2022. Offerings from these albums have made their way onto Nahual Records and Full Send DnB as well as others. With half a million plays on Soundcloud and thousands more on other platforms, Eric has established himself as a major artist in the electronic music scene. When asked what kind of music he makes, Eric answers blithely, "intelligent"...
The Union Guest Mix: FOURIA-Domination
The Union Guest Mix: FOURIA-Domination
In the vibrant and dynamic world of electronic music, few genres can match the exhilarating energy and infectious beats of drum and bass. Among the talented artists shaping the global drum and bass scene, Hungarian DJ Fouria has emerged as a true force to be reckoned with. With her unparalleled mixing skills, innovative style, and unwavering passion for the harder edge of dnb, Fouria has captivated audiences and is earning a reputation as a trailblazer within the technoid/neurotech and hardstep community. Let's dive into the captivating journey of Fouria, the Hungarian maestro who is taking the world by storm. Catch her weekly shows on Youtube. Socials: SUPPORT Her: Track List: 1. Pylon, Tamas & Walder - Neutronome 2. Markoman & Tsunami - Plutonium 3. Kryzys & Effect - Neurise 4. Emoshin - Haters 5. Redirect & Yabol - Instant Cutoff(Yabol Remix) 6. Cooh - Express 7. Coman Dante - Rally 8. Current Value - Mothman 9. Dykman & Dekel - Crowd Psychosis 10. Effect - Surrender VIP 2 11. Gein - Hell (Audio Remix) 12. Current Value - G2 Hunt 13. Katharsys - Psychosis VIP 14. Cyclone - Empty Space 15. Effect- Retreat VIP 16. KIGAMI - They Killed Them All (VIP RMX) 17. Eiton - Pornografie 18. Rusty Mustard - Nightmares (Wresker & Kilobite Remix) 19. Cooh - Drome 20. Raiden - Sputnik 21. Sinecore & Kaiza - Communism 22. Rawtekk - D.N.A. VIP 23. Effect - Tested On Animals 24. Raiden & Current Value - RM Bleeps 25. Raiden - Alter Ego (Kryptoid & Antichristus Remix) 26. Dead Phantoms - Fucking Snail 27. Proket - Locomotive 28. Dogs On Crack Vs Katz On K - Ruin The Dark (Current Value Rework) 29. Fallout - Hesitate (Spor & Toxin Remix) 30. Mathizm & Memtrix - Cardiak Arrest 31. Donny - Forgotten Coma (Counterstrike Duomix) 32. TRIAMER - Resistance 33. Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix) 34. InerpoisBack Up - Bomber Roomer 35. Babalos - Snow Crystal 36. Proton Kid & Hardlogik - No Sleep (Hardlogik Remix) 37. Effect - Pinky And His Brain 38. Limewax & Current Value - Shape Of Space 39. Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries - Aural Exciter (The Sect Remix) 40. Current Value Mosaic 41. Peter Kurten - Drill 42. Current Value - Therapist 43. Current Value - You Can't Play God 44. Igor - Nekrotekk 45. Triamer & Redkin - Kruyk 46. D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Hydraulix 9 (Proket Remix) 47. Cooh - Frogger 48. Yabol - Quantum Fifteen 49. Isotop & Shots - Dioxin 50. Kaiza, Isotop, Shots Fluid 51. Dreaman & Tenzor Maybe Shield 52. Masheen & Kano - The Void 53. Limewax - Poison 54. Silent Killer,Breaker & Counterstrike - Supremacy Bleeds (Counterstrike Duo Mix) 55. Cooh & Lucio De Rimanez - Each Of Us 56. Mystification - Oath Is Fun (Sinecore Remix) 57. Current Value - Warship 58. Pylon - Kielecki 59. Isotop & Shots - Opcodes 60. Current Value & Donny - Overclock (Nanotek Remix) 61. Digital Soul - Freak 62. Venganza - Caves 63. BlackCode - Valkyrie 64. Coman Dante - Trust 65. The Sect, Axis & Trank - Victim 66. Masheen - Vertigo 67. Lethal & Gancher - Insecticide 68. The Sect - Retger 69. Dykman & Dekel - Techback. 70. C-Netik & Zirash - Amputate 71. Machine Code - Recoded 72. Cooh - Armeny 73. Esym, Instinkt & Victim - Elite (Instinkt & Victim Remix) 74. KLEF - Broiled 75. C-Netik - Cyberdyne 76. Effect - Abel 77. C.V.I. - Your Fear 78. The Sect - Angel 79. Raiden - Fallin' (Friction & Nu Balance Remix) 80. KJ Sawka ft. Christa Wells - New Life (Tech Itch Remix)
The Union: Guest Mix : EUPHORYX X NEMESISFIVE (2023)
The Union: Guest Mix : EUPHORYX X NEMESISFIVE (2023)
EUPHORYX #euphoryxdnb Bogota, Colombia Bookings: ig: Fb: This month we have another banger of a guest mix from the duo known as Euphoryx hailing from Bogota, Colombia. The drum and bass scene in Colombia has been blazing hot for a while, with international artist touring freqently, as well as a very vibrant and competetive local scene. While DJ Sebass is considered the godfather of Colombia's dnb scene, Some of my favorite up and comers and veterans include artists such as Kandal, Souldier, Brain, DJ Xue, Unreal Project oh and I can't forget Bassassin. Euphoryx caught my attention with their energetic sets, excellent programing and track selection. This set is not one to be missed and is a perfect introduction of that urban and gritty neuro/technoid sound that these guys have been rocking for years.....................................Ladies and Gentlemen hold on to your seats and get ready it's gonna be a bassy ride...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................