Career Relaunch®

Joseph Liu

Hear inspiring stories of career reinvention, featuring insights and reflections from everyday people around the world who have stepped off their beaten career paths to pursue more meaningful work. Hosted by career consultant Joseph Liu, with listeners in 160+ countries.

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Finding What Fits You with Aimi Elias- CR83Remaining Resilient with Roman Havrysh- CR82Charting Your Own Course with Eloise Skinner- CR81Making an Impression with Brad Stewart- CR80Opening New Doors with Bommy Lee- CR79Climbing the Right Ladder with Alex Spencer- CR78Taking Care of Yourself with Erika Russi- CR77Overcoming Barriers to Change with Tommy Kelly- CR76Trying Things Out with My Ly- CR75Finding What Fulfills You with Pam Katz- CR74Changing Course with Youssef Salameh- CR73Starting a New Chapter with Christine Snow- CR72Handling Setbacks with Aaron Leventhal- CR71Handling a Crisis with Liya Dashkina- CR70Wearing Different Hats with Sophie Scott- CR69Figuring Things Out with Pip Murray- CR68Standing on Your Own with Lola Scarborough- CR67Knowing Who You Are with Tod Jacobs- CR66Taking a Step Back with Ana Wagner- CR65Keeping the Right Company with Tamiko Kelly- CR64