FL 183 – How Sandra made over $700 a month in passive income while raising a newborn and fighting breast cancer

Flipped Lifestyle™ Podcast

20-02-2018 • 56 mins

Here’s the deal: Life can (and will) throw curveballs in our general direction when we least expect it. Things that are beyond our control, things that hurt and things that make us feel disconnected from everything else. And as if that’s not enough, this often happens when we’re already pretty overwhelmed. Nevertheless, we don’t stop there… NO, we endure the challenges with everything we’ve got. WHY? Because we have the capability to persevere, to look for and find hope, to choose courage, to find peace in our faith -- to emerge victorious in our darkest hours. By now, y’all have probably noticed that we’re going off our usual style here, and we’re very happy that you did, because that means you’re paying attention, and you’ll be glad you did. You see, we’ve already recorded more than 180 podcast episodes. We’ve heard some really exceptional men and women share their finest hours, as well as recount some of their biggest trials, but none quite as inspiring as our guest, Sandra, has today. Sandra's story has moved and touched us so much that we laughed, ached and cried while recording.   We learned so much from her today and you will too, it's going to get super interesting and super inspiring real quick. Here’s her story... Sandra is a 34 years old Singaporean, who studied her music degree in the United Kingdom, married a Malaysian and lived in his home country for 5 years, and has always worked as a school music teacher. She struggled to conceive a child for many, many years. They've tried different fertility treatments, but was unsuccessful. Unfazed, she decided to dedicate her time and talent as a Worship Keyboardist to create something that would help and bless others. She searched for ways to do so, and later found out about the online business scene (because Sandra just ain’t the kind to idly sit by and do nothing). She listened to several podcasts, dived deep into all the free content she could find, later joined the Flip Your Life community, and started building what she now calls, “The Inspired Keys Academy.” She poured thousands of hours of hard work, creating content and leading her community, things were going great, she has been quite successful with her eBook sales as well. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better... She and her husband moved to Australia. New country. New house. New climate. Not to mention, their furniture hasn’t even arrived yet, and then... PREGNANT. Sandra became pregnant despite all the new changes in her life! Can you believe just how miraculous that is? But now that she’s expecting, she lost all interest in online business and kinda let it slide to the back burner, that doesn’t mean she’s lost her entrepreneurial spirit though. She was able to set up her own piano studio at home, where she teaches kids one-on-one, and months later had given birth to a healthy baby boy. Okay. Now, let’s try that again… New country. New house. New climate. YAY! Pregnant. New piano studio at home. OH MY GOSH! Just gave birth. It doesn’t stop there... 10 days after childbirth, Sandra got diagnosed with breast cancer. Let that sink in for a moment, that’s the curveball right there. Like anybody receiving this kind of news, she broke down and cried. Factor in post pregnancy hormones and you’re in for the craziest emotional roller coaster ride ever. But here’s the thing that cancer didn’t know, Sandra is probably the closest thing you have to Wonder Woman. With a “Never Give Up” attitude and her strong faith in God, Sandra was able to brush the dust off her shoulders and started counting her blessings. Remember that online business she put on the back burner? Well, it continued to earn her an average of 700 AUD a month. It was automated, so she wasn’t even doing anything, how much more would she have earned if she kept growing her community? She thought about how blessed they were,