Episode 21: The teacher, The Snowbird, The Student: A life as a pilot in the RCAF - Blake

The Pilot Project Podcast

29-08-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

What does it feel like to instruct the next generation of RCAF pilots? What about flying on the Snowbirds? How can vulnerability lead to new learning opportunities? Blake has flown the CT-156 Harvard, the CT-155 Hawk, been an instructor at 2CFFTS, flew with the Snowbird demonstration team for several seasons and now recently completed his training on helicopters to go fly the CH-149 Cormorant.

Blake will talk about his methods for succeeding and thriving while you’re in flight training, his area of expertise.  We’ll learn about how getting comfortable with being uncomfortable can help you deal with your mistakes and much more on this latest episode of The Pilot Project Podcast.

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