S3 E18 – Abbey Road, Part I – Singer/songwriter Raquel Cole

The Walrus Was Paul

09-09-2023 • 47 mins

Country music star Raquel Cole talks with host Paul Romanuk about The Beatles' 1969 #1 album Abbey Road. Also, lots of talk about her excellent songwriting.


-find out about all things Raquel Cole at her fine, splashy, website.

-here's an article from 2020 from Raquel's hometown paper in Vernon, BC, about "hoping to make her hometown proud with some big opportunities."

-Raquel, who is from Vernon, now calls Nashville her home. It is the epicentre of the country music world and she seems to fit right in. She talks about the move to Nashville in this piece.

-found this, very cool, recording of a 1969 interview that George Harrison did with music writer Ritchie York. George goes through Abbey Road track-by-track. It's a great listen.