Music and Books the Will Change Your Mind, Part 1: Brenton Brown and Some of My Favorite Reads of 2022

The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

07-12-2022 • 42 mins

Life is hard, and we need to be ready for it when it shows up.

I believe that a process called pre-hab is one of the keys to handling the hard things life throws at us. And for me, two of the key tools in my pre-hab are worship music and good books.

Today, I introduce you to one of my favorite songwriters, Brenton Brown, and I give you some of my favorite books I read in 2022. These are books that I found to be amazingly helpful and powerful, and I think they’ll help you, too.

Music by Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche, Chris Tomlin, and Phillips, Craig, & Dean.

Books mentioned:

Rembrandt is in the Wind by Russ Ramsey

Surprised by Hope by NT Wright

The Loveliest Place by Dustin Benge

Eat This Book and A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson

Suffering by Paul David Tripp

Your Brain is Always Listening by Daniel Amen

Beyond the Darkness by Clarissa Moll

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace

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