Facing the Fire: Jon Vought's Crusade for CBD in First Responder Care

Enduring The Badge

19-09-2023 • 51 mins

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk a mile in the shoes of a first responder and the unique challenges they face? Meet Jon Vought, a seasoned South Florida Fire Department Captain who’s not only walked that mile but is striving to make it a little less rocky for his fellow first responders. Infusing his passion for CBD into his commitment to first responders’ wellbeing, John takes us on a riveting journey into the inner workings of his company, Rescue One CBD, a name fast becoming synonymous with THC-free CBD.

Jon’s encounter with sleep issues post-foot surgery propelled him into the fascinating realm of CBD and its potential benefits. Amidst the discussion of the stringent process of isolating the CBD molecule and eliminating THC, John underscores the significance of third-party lab testing and the risks of sourcing CBD from untrustworthy companies. Take a deep dive into the complex relationship between sleep, inflammation, and mood as John unpacks how CBD - combined with melatonin - could potentially aid in better sleep and offer much-needed relief to first responders grappling with sleep deprivation.

Jon’s journey wasn’t a smooth sail. He candidly discusses the hurdles he faced - like stumbling upon a contaminated batch of CBD - and how his fiancée, Megan, and policy expert sister, Kim, stood by him like a rock. Emphasizing the importance of transparency and making informed decisions, John maps out the lessons learned along his journey. To conclude, he shares a resourceful guide for listeners who wish to delve deeper into Rescue One CBD's THC-free products. Tune in to this enlightening conversation and gain insights into CBD's potential benefits and challenges.

As a First Responder, you are critical in keeping our communities safe. However, the stress and trauma of the job can take a toll on your mental health and family life.

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