Episode 29: The Story of Endomag and Nanotechnology 🤖

The Healthtech Podcast

27-06-2019 • 56 mins

James is joined by  Eric Mayes, serial nanotechnology entrepreneur and CEO of Endomag.  Eric has 20 years of experience in technology. He was named the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2003’ for his founding role in NanoMagnetics. He is also an advisor to the University of Texas at Austin’s ‘Texas Health Catalyst’ and the European Healthtech Translation Advisory Board (HealthtechTAB).  Eric believes that everyone deserves a better standard of cancer care and so joined Cambridge-based healthtech start-up Endomag as CEO. They manufacture a metallic seed, smaller than a grain of rice, which uses magnetism to help doctors locate breast cancer tumours to be removed. James and Eric chat about Eric's previous companies, his journey to healthtech and discuss some lessons learned in adoption of new innovation across healthtech.