Unlocking your optimal self and navigating ‘flow’ with Nila Matthews from Awakening Flow

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04-10-2023 • 31 mins

In the latest episode of the Beautiful Business podcast, host Yiuwin Tsang engages in an insightful conversation with guest Nila Matthews on the topic of finding your optimal self. Nila, a practitioner in the field of neurophysiology and emotional resilience, shares her expertise on how understanding our nervous system and tapping into the concept of "flow" can lead to a more fulfilling and productive personal and business life.

Nila starts by explaining the concept of "flow" as our optimal state of being and consciousness, emphasising that it's not just about going along with the status quo but rather an active process of self-awareness and facing our fears. She introduces the importance of the vagus nerve in our emotional resilience and how it relates to our sense of safety, connection, and creativity.

Yiuwin and Nila discuss different aspects of flow, including how it can manifest during activities like mountain biking or working within a highly engaged team. The conversation delves into practical techniques for achieving an optimal state, such as breathwork, tapping, and emotional release exercises. Nila stresses the importance of understanding how our bodies react to stress and recognising the signs and symptoms as a means to address them effectively.

The episode concludes with a discussion on sustainable performance and the need for individuals and leaders to prioritise well-being in the workplace. Nila emphasises that by addressing accumulated stress and creating a positive energy environment, we can not only enhance our productivity but also ensure a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Listeners are left with valuable insights into the intricate relationship between the nervous system, emotional well-being, and optimal performance, along with practical tips for finding their own path towards self-optimisation and flow.

About Nila Matthews

Nila Matthews is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of award-winning product experience, having worked with renowned companies such as Yahoo! and Sky. Her expertise lies in helping businesses understand the intricacies of customer decision-making processes to enhance user experiences and prioritise customer solutions effectively.

Nila's approach extends beyond traditional methods, as she strives to tap into the intuition and divergent thinking of staff members, fostering disruptive innovation and creativity. She employs a unique blend of both new and ancient techniques, designed to engage the mind and promote flow. Her methods aim to unlock the individuality, intrinsic motivation, and confidence of team members.

Nila has a commitment to demystifying complex scientific and ancient wisdom, making it accessible and applicable to businesses and corporates. Her focus is on uncovering the underlying drivers of behaviour and energy systems, allowing for communication with the unconscious brain and heart, which often guides decisions before the conscious mind even registers them.

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