Leveraging time as a leader with Dene Stuart, Founder of The Exceptional Leader Academy

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17-01-2024 • 22 mins

In this week’s podcast, our host Yiuwin Tsang was joined by the founder of The Exceptional Leader Academy, Dene Stuart. Dene has a wealth of experience in helping leaders to achieve their full potential and in this podcast shares insights on how to embrace vulnerability, cultivate essential soft skills, and leverage time for sustained success in business. He also emphasises the necessity for leaders to develop self-awareness to navigate uncertainty effectively.

Dene also highlights the often undervalued soft skills in business, stressing their impact on reducing costs and enhancing productivity. The episode examines the challenges of managing and measuring these skills, urging leaders to recognise their tangible impact on businesses of any size.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

  • How to embrace vulnerability in your leadership development
  • How to develop emotional intelligence and self-awareness and set yourself apart from the majority who don't lead well
  • How to better leverage your own time, and delegate tasks for business success
  • How to build emotional resilience through mindfulness and self-reflection

About Dene Stuart

Dene Stuart has over 30 years of commercial, leadership, and management experience, having held director roles within major national and regional media companies.

Managing large teams in multi-site offices gave Dene the broadest possible range of employment, team, motivational, and performance issues to deal with and was the key to his interest in personal development and performance.

Dene is a licensed behavioural analyst and has a BSc in Management Science from The University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology. He is the author of various books including ResourcefulMe and The Thinking Revolution.