Embracing diversity: How agencies can navigate multicultural marketing and collaboration, with Tomasz Dyl, Founder and Managing Director of GottaBe! Marketing

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11-01-2024 • 22 mins

In this, the second episode with Tomasz Dyl of GottaBe! Marketing, Yiuwin Tsang tackles the issue of diversity and how agencies need to better understand and connect with their multicultural audiences.

They discuss the strategies needed to build authentic connections with ethnic communities through immersion and understanding nuances, traditions, and challenges. This in turn can provide insights that are crucial for effective marketing.

Listen to this episode of The Beautiful Business Podcast to learn more about:

  • Building relationships and audience focus
  • Exploring ethnic nuances in communication: Post-Covid and BLM
  • Marketing to ethnic minorities for better ROI: Insights and recommendations
  • Multicultural ethnic marketing strategies and collaboration
  • The future of multicultural ethnic marketing

About Tomasz Dyl

Tomasz founded GottaBe! Marketing, in 2008 and over the years has established it into a leading marketing agency, specialising in providing innovative and tailored marketing solutions to clients in various industries.

In 2022, Tomasz was awarded the ‘Business Leader Award’ at the 2022 South Coast Business Awards, presented to leaders who elevated their business or supported the local community. GottaBe! were also nominated for a further two awards: Small Business of the Year and Business Leader of the Year and in 2023 won ‘Independent Agency of the Year’ at the GG2 Leadership & Diversity Awards.