Transitioning to leadership: Embracing change and owning the future with Megan Taylor, Managing Director of Rise Beyond

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11-10-2023 • 26 mins

In this episode of The Beautiful Business Podcast, host Yiuwin Tsang sits down with Megan Taylor, Managing Director of Rise Beyond, to explore her incredible journey from a career in professional dance to a leadership role in the business world. Megan shares her experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning to leadership, particularly as a young woman in a predominantly male-dominated field.

Megan's story is both inspiring and relatable as she discusses her initial struggle with imposter syndrome. She candidly shares how she overcame these challenges, discovered her unique strengths, and learned to embrace her differences.

The conversation covers the importance of self-reflection, self-development, and being present in leadership roles. Megan highlights the significance of listening, letting go of rigid agendas, and allowing conversations to unfold naturally to foster trust and meaningful connections.

Yiuwin and Megan explore the dynamics of female leadership teams and how this shift can bring positive changes to organisations. They also touch on the evolving landscape of leadership in a diverse and inclusive world, emphasising the need for authenticity and embracing differences.

Megan concludes with her vision of the future of business and leadership, where diversity, inclusivity, and meaningful conversations are at the forefront. She highlights the role of consultancies like Rise Beyond in driving these positive changes and the importance of owning one's unique qualities in leadership.

About Megan Taylor

Megan joined the founding of RISE in 2015 to develop and run the operations of the start-up consultancy alongside working with key initial clients. Since then she has been instrumental in building the growing business and Community of Practice, and in 2023 took over as Managing Director.

Before RISE, Megan was a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer, setting up and growing a personal & professional development community for dancers in London. It was in this "laboratory" she honed her coaching, facilitation and programme design skills, alongside learning all about founding and growing a community.

Megan brings an energy for moving things forwards, helping groups to not only work to understand what is going on in more depth, but guiding them to try and experiment with new ways of doing things in order to make change happen.

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