The Agency Journey - Growing from 0-8 with Nikki Lindgren, Managing Partner of Pennock

The Beautiful Business Podcast - Powered by The Wow Company

13-12-2023 • 32 mins

In this week’s podcast, Yiuwin Tsang talks once again to Nikki Lindgren and discusses the path of growth her agency Pennock has taken, seeing them grow from 0 to 8 people.

Nikki shares her early experiences as well as her learnings from creating successful business growth and team culture.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How to scale direct-to-consumer businesses
  • Starting an agency by identifying gaps for clients that aren’t already being fulfilled
  • How to create a culture of curiosity in marketing teams
  • How to successfully structure a team in a digital marketing agency
  • Building a high-performing team in a fast-paced agency environment
  • Remote work culture and flexible scheduling.
  • Prioritising team well-being in business growth

About Nikki Lindgren

Nikki Lindgren is a leader in scaling DTC businesses to grow their customer acquisition and revenue through marketing strategies that combine talent, automation, and tools to drive upwards of +65% month-over-month growth for her clients.

As the founder and managing partner of Pennock, Nikki has managed over $100 million in digital media ranging from high-growth tech startups to established household brands. She advises her clients on how to utilize their strategic advantages to drive marketing initiatives that generate impressive ROAS.

Her experience spans search engine marketing, pay-per-click, paid social, display advertising, remarketing/intent-based marketing programs, performance marketing, mobile/video marketing, organic search, app store optimisation, native advertising, and influencer/blogger relationships.