Balancing profit and purpose: An agency approach with Gavin Willis, Founder & CEO of Search Seven

The Beautiful Business Podcast - Powered by The Wow Company

29-02-2024 • 36 mins

In this episode of the Beautiful Business Podcast, host Yiuwin Tsang and guest, Gavin Willis, Founder of Search Seven, discuss the intricacies and benefits of balancing profit with purpose in business, particularly through charity partnerships and fundraising. Gavin shares insights and experiences from his journey, offering valuable perspectives on integrating social impact into a business model.

Gavin discusses the evolution of the company's charity initiatives, moving from a profit-based approach to dedicating a minimum percentage of profits to charitable causes. He touches upon the practical aspects of managing events and communities within a marketing agency, including the significance of passion, commitment, and structure in driving social impact initiatives. He shares success stories from past charity events, illustrating how such activities not only contribute to valuable causes but also foster a sense of purpose and unity among team members.

Listen to the episode now to learn more about:

-How to integrate charity partnerships and fundraising efforts strategically into your business model
-How to achieve a balance between profitability and social impact
-How to gain a genuine commitment to social impact from within your organisation
-How to foster team engagement in a remote-first environment through charity initiatives
-How prioritising CSR and charitable work can help attract clients aligned with your values, and foster long-term client retention.

About Gavin Willis

Gavin set up Search Seven in 2011 with a real passion for disrupting traditional search and client services. Gavin sees the company as a vehicle to make a difference, with a vision of giving back at least 7% of profits to charities and community projects every year.

Search Seven specialise in Paid Media and data driven SEO and work with clients and agencies throughout the UK, Europe and Globally to understand their business objectives and put together great search strategies that successfully engage with their target audience on the right channels, and with the right messaging, that leads to great results.