Navigating Transparency and Progress in Sustainability Communication with Helen Neal of HN Communications

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18-10-2023 • 27 mins

Join host Yiuwin Tsang and special guest Helen Neal from HN Communications as they delve into the world of sustainability in the communication industry. HN Communications, a dynamic sustainability-focused strategic communications agency, has been on an inspiring journey of rapid growth over the last few years. They discuss the reasons behind this growth, which is primarily attributed to businesses realising that sustainability is no longer an add-on but a core component of their strategies, transcending all aspects of their operations.

Helen highlights how sustainability is no longer just a part of a company's mission but an integral aspect of how they communicate, whether it's with consumers or within the business,  and how effective communication about sustainability plays a pivotal role in this shifting paradigm. They also touch upon the influential role of consumers, particularly the younger generation, in driving sustainability and positive change. Helen shares insights from her recent experience at Climate Week in New York and how these younger voices are pushing businesses to be more accountable.

The discussion reveals the importance of embracing transparency in sustainability communication. Helen discusses how HN Communications manages its own sustainability, from reducing travel and offsetting carbon emissions to partnering with organisations that align with their values. The episode highlights the importance of making progress over seeking perfection and outlines the tools and practices that can help businesses become more sustainable and transparent in their communication efforts.

Tune in to explore the world of sustainable communication and learn how businesses can navigate progress and transparency while making a positive impact on the planet and society.

About Helen Neal

Helen Neal is the founder of HN Communications which has been operating since 2017. She has 2- years experience in policy, transport and sustainability. Helen is an advocate of collaboration and kindness in business and is on a mission to help businesses do more good in the world.

HN Communications is an award-wining specialist agency that helps Global businesses and NGOs tell their story, what they believe in and stand for.

Helen and her team work on global campaigns for international brands in food and drink, automotive, engineering, climate action and business transformation. They are at their happiest when they are helping people and their organisation to do good things in the world.

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