Leadership In An Uncertain World with Chris Shaw, Partner, We Are Atmosphere

The Beautiful Business Podcast - Powered by The Wow Company

06-12-2023 • 22 mins

In this episode of The Beautiful Business Podcast host Yiuwin Tsang and Chris Shaw from We Are Atmosphere discuss the dynamics of leadership in today's world, reflecting on the importance of inspiration and authenticity in leading teams. They also explore the challenges leaders face in embracing adaptability. From enthusiastic champions to hesitant neutrals and resistant detractors, Chris sheds light on the spectrum of responses to the urgent need for change in leadership. The urgency, as Chris points out, often gets lost amid the multitude of priorities businesses face, making it essential to effectively communicate the imminent need for adaptation.

The episode also touches on the importance of diversity, and the need for more trailblazers in leadership from under-represented communities. Chris advocates for leaders to continuously revisit and reassess their strategies, using tools like SWOT analysis not as one-off exercises but as living, breathing documents that evolve with the business.

Chris also emphasises the need for leaders to break free from legacy thinking and embrace creativity, fostering environments that encourage thinking beyond quarterly results.

The episode concludes with a vision for future business leaders – a vision that includes more diversity, authenticity, and purpose-driven leadership to create truly beautiful businesses.

About Chris Shaw

Chris is a creative at heart, having spent the last 20 years helping business leaders around the world maximise growth and achieve the results they really want, all against the backdrop of change. During his career, he has built an extensive playbook containing more than 200 unique tools, frameworks and insights all designed to simplify the complex nature of business and facilitate creative thinking.

Having successfully built and exited both a management consultancy and a creative agency in the last 10 years, Chris has used his blend of commercial experience and academic insight to accelerate the growth of organisations in a wide range of sectors including SaaS, Finance, Security, Media, Manufacture, Education, Logistics, Marketing, Travel and Professional Services.

He has recently ventured into the realm of horror fiction having signed a five-book publishing deal in the young adult space.