How To Succeed as a Female Founder in Agency Land with Nikki Lindgren, Managing Partner of Pennock

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01-12-2023 • 25 mins

Join host Yiuwin Tsang and Nikki Lindgren, the founder of Pennock, a female-led agency specialising in helping direct-to-consumer brands in the beauty and lifestyle space, as they discuss Nikki’s journey from the corporate world to launching her own boutique agency.

Nikki describes the unique challenges and advantages of being a female-led agency, especially in an industry where male-led organisations still dominate the landscape. Nikki discusses how Pennock's focus on beauty and lifestyle aligns with the predominantly female demographic of their target audience, creating a natural connection and understanding of client needs.

The episode also explores Nikki's leadership style and the shift towards more collaborative, reflective decision-making. The importance of calculated and considerate leadership is discussed, drawing from Nikki's experiences in allowing her team the space to self-discover and contribute to the agency's direction. Nikki reveals how Pennock's decision-making SOPs and reflection plays a crucial role in strategic choices, aligning with the agency's ethos of making clients' lives as easy as possible.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the world of agency leadership, the nuances of being a female leader, and the power of collaborative and reflective decision-making.

About Nikki Lindgren

Nikki Lindgren is a leader in scaling DTC businesses to grow their customer acquisition and revenue through marketing strategies that combine talent, automation, and tools to drive upwards of +65% month-over-month growth for her clients.

As the founder and managing partner of Pennock, Nikki has managed over $100 million in digital media ranging from high-growth tech startups to established household brands. She advises her clients on how to utilize their strategic advantages to drive marketing initiatives that generate impressive ROAS.

Her experience spans search engine marketing, pay-per-click, paid social, display advertising, remarketing/intent-based marketing programs, performance marketing, mobile/video marketing, organic search, app store optimisation, native advertising, and influencer/blogger relationships.

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