The History Behind

Eli Webb

The History Behind is a podcast that explores the fascinating stories and hidden histories behind the everyday items that we all use and take for granted, as well as current events and items shaping our world today. From the origins of ice cream to the invention of the airplane, from the humble pen to the latest technologies, this podcast uncovers the surprising and sometimes bizarre stories behind the things that define our world. Each episode of The History Behind is packed with fun facts and weird history, designed to make you feel like an expert on the items that shape our world. Through in-depth research and engaging storytelling, this podcast takes you on a journey through time, revealing the fascinating tales behind some of the most iconic and ubiquitous objects in our lives, as well as covering the latest events and trends shaping our world today. Whether you're a curious history buff or simply someone who wants to learn more about the world around you, The History Behind is the perfect podcast for you. Join us as we explore the people, places, and events that have shaped our world today, both in the past and in the present, one fascinating item at a time. read less