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The official podcast of Corner of Film, in which two nerds and lifelong friends discuss all things film with their patented hilarious and semi-organised approach.
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12. Livin‘ in Sin
1 hr 15 mins
12. Livin‘ in SinEternals Breakdown - with Oliver (of Oliver‘s Reviews)11. Hall(oween) of Fame10. Deathmatch at the Overlook Hotel9. One Night, Big BellyA Chat With... Oliver (from Oliver‘s Reviews)8. Sauron‘s LettuceA Chat With... Harry Wells7. The Great Animation WarMinis: Unreleased Films6. The Perfect ScoreMinis: Hollywood's Animal Heroes5. Boot Snakes and Wayward MagicMINIS: Films ACTUALLY Based on True StoriesMINIS: Production Horror Stories4. The SandlerpisodeMINIS: Dreams & Their Place in Hollywood (or: How I Learned To Stop Writing and Love My Dreams)MINIS: Death in Old Hollywood & The Superman Curse3. The Farrier of the RohirrimMINIS: Messianic Tropes, Cursed Productions & Actors' Real Names