Embracing Fulfillment in the Future of Work: Insights from Jenn Lim, Chief Happiness Officer [Happiness]

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19-07-2023 • 26 mins

Embracing Fulfillment in the Future of Work: Insights from Jenn Lim, Chief Happiness Officer [Happiness]

In this podcast episode, Jenn Lim, Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness, shares valuable insights on the future of work and the pursuit of fulfillment in the post-COVID world. She emphasizes the need to go beyond superficial happiness and focus on living an authentic and meaningful life aligned with one's values and purpose. Jenn discusses the importance of self-reflection, self-awareness, and questioning the internal voices and constructs that hold us back from being authentic. She suggests building a support network of trusted advisors and engaging in self-work exercises to uncover blind spots and shadows.

The podcast highlights the significance of focusing on what is within our control and making progress, especially during uncertain times like the pandemic. Jenn emphasizes that sustainable happiness is built on growth and purpose, and organizations worldwide are recognizing the value of prioritizing meaningful happiness in the workplace. Investing in people as assets and aligning business goals with employee well-being leads to greater success and sustainability.

Practical steps towards deeper fulfillment include self-inquiry, testing values and purpose, and using them as a guiding compass. Jenn encourages a mindset shift that embraces open-mindedness, adaptability, and reflection, allowing for personal growth and positive change. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing mental and emotional well-being, along with physical health, in creating a fulfilling work environment.

Listeners are invited to explore Jenn Lim's work through her website at Jennlim.com and find additional resources on happiness in the workplace at deliveringhappiness.com. The episode concludes with a call to embrace fulfillment and contribute to a future of work that celebrates authenticity, growth, and meaningful happiness.


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