Shireen Yates - Co-Founder and CEO of Nima Labs

Health Explorers

20-10-2023 • 45 mins

Shireen Yates is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO who is passionate about connected hardware and consumer health products.  She is a Silicon Valley start-up veteran and a University of Pennsylvania and MIT graduate.  Currently, she is a product leader at Meta. In 2013, Shireen co-founded Nima Labs, leading the company until its exit in 2020.   Nima's mission was to help people with food allergies know what exactly is in their food.  She and her team built an elegant solution that enabled real-time, convenient testing of allergens at mealtime, specifically gluten and peanuts.  Time Magazine and Popular Science recognized Nima as one of the year's best inventions.  In this episode, Shireen shares her founding journey, including her and her new husband moving in with her parents three days after incorporating Nima. Shireen introduces us to the concept of a Nature Bath (it does NOT involve getting wet). She shares her experiences as a female founder and CEO who also started a family while running Nima. Finally, she shares her wisdom on how to shift the power dynamic between investors and founders and the need to focus early on distribution as much as product.