The Driving Force


Are you curious about what's really driving the sustainability agenda within industry? We've got the answers! Our brand new podcast miniseries, The Driving Force, is here to tackle the burning questions and get to the bottom of this complex challenge. Hosted by Tribosonics CCO, Christina King and COO, Mark Wallace, we'll be interviewing industry experts to gain insight into their approach to sustainability. We're talking circular economies, nuclear fusion, recycled cars, and more! Join us as we welcome some truly inspiring guests to the show, including Warrick Matthews from Tokamak Energy, Vincent Ricco from Novares, Dr Michelle Lynch from Enabled Future Limited, and Jacqueline Sutton MBE from Farnborough International. If you're looking to gain valuable insights into how industries are approaching sustainability, this podcast is for you. Whether you're in business tackling your own sustainability challenges or simply interested in the topic, don't miss out on The Driving Force. Want to be the first to know when each episode is launched? Sign up to receive alerts at or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter. read less