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Angels Changing Tyres, the place to hear some down to earth inspiring stories and authentic vulnerable share about how to navigate our way in life towards an ultimate and ideal life for ourselves.

I am your host, Yonatan Hanochi, born in Israel, live in Aotearoa, New Zealand. I am a Tantra and Yoga teacher, Somatic Holistic Counselor and a man on a journey to understand fully what it means to live this life as a human to our full potential.

We all face challenges fears and struggle, non of us is special, the question is how can I use the challenge as a way to become stronger wiser and as a fuel to create my life the way I want it.

Some episodes I will interview an inspiring guest who did just that, someone we can get inspired and learn from their journey. other episodes, I will share with you authentically what is alive in my life now, and how I am navigating this journey towards wellbeing to the best of my abilities.

I encourage anyone all of you to be as active as possible, share your opinion and feedback and requests about content or guests, I want to learn and create a better content for you every time.

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Many blessings to you all


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#5 Lucy Grace: Finding Grace Within To Empower Your Life
#5 Lucy Grace: Finding Grace Within To Empower Your Life
Lucy was raised in a poor neighborhood, by a young single mother in the 1980's. The lack of resources available in childhood resulted in a shrinking of her outer world to what she thought of - years later - as a kind of welfare-child ashram. There was little exposure to the outside world and few distractions or ability to go anywhere else. She endured significant trauma and sustained violence in childhood – all compelling her to go within to find nourishment, solace, strength and what she thought of as “the deep stillness and light inside.” This connection with spirit – with all that she is – burnt into being out of necessity, deepened significantly throughout her life and when she was 19, 36 and 38 she went through significant awakenings that rearranged everything within, and so too, without. Her career as a television journalist, and then a humanitarian aid worker for 15 years, partner of 16 years, and her home – all fell away, as a deeper emergence took root. Lucy now lives in Waiheke Island and works as a Spiritual path mentor and guide, holistic therapist and poet. She is trained in Hakomi therapy and parts work, and works with groups and individuals to help them deepen on their path. She sees all of existence as “spiritual” and works across the energy body, physical body, psyche and spirt to help people connect with their deepest truth – which has always been theirs alone - so that they may live it in the world. Lucy has clients around the world – mostly in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia. There is currently a waitlist for her private sessions. She is a mystic and poet and has a poetry book coming out in June. She writes poems about the intersection of spirit and matter – where the mystical meets the mundane – the sacred mess of our humanity as always divine. And she loves the ability of poetry to cut through the noise of the mind and penetrate the being, the place that has never forgotten who we are. Get in touchLucy:Facebook at Lucy Grace Or at her website: lucy-grace.comYonatan