Ep 16: Sh*t Show - Little Fires Everywhere & Tropic Thunder

Parallel Fiction

13-01-2021 • 54 mins

In this episode of Parallel Fiction, Heather and Jeff cover stories that seem to just pile on.  We’re talking about Sh*tshows!  In this episode, our hosts bring two stories where the characters are put through a lot with seemingly no end in sight.

Heather presents her summary of the 2017 Celeste Ng novel Little Fires Everywhere.  Heather tries to find redeeming qualities in every sub plot, which is told form a heavy and bleak view point.  Despite all of the hardships faced in this novel, Heather really enjoyed reading this story and sympathizes to a lot of the relationships that are tarnished by each of the characters.  The last few pages had her in tears.

Did you know?  The town of Shaker Heights in the novel is writer Celeste Ng’s real life hometown.

Jeff follows up with his outline of 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder directed & starring Ben Stiller.  Also staring Jack Black, Nick Note, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise, and Robert Downey Jr, Tropic Thunder is a film within a film depicting fictional actors trying to make a movie.  Hilarity ensues when this dark comedy takes a side step, killing off the fictional movie’s director and leaving the team of ego driven buffoons stranded in dangerous territory.  Jeff gives us the high’s and lows of the movie, and has a disclaimer about how a lot of the humor in 2008 has not aged well, and may be offensive to some audiences.

Fun Fact!  Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role, but lost in 2008 to Heath Ledger and his portrayal of the Joker.

Following these reviews, Heather and Jeff dive into commonalities between the two works such as hilarity in the uncontrollable, situations going from bad to worse, how to get through, and what’s left at the end.

Listen in to hear Jeff and Heather’s candid thoughts on the masterpiece scenes of each story, how Tropic Thunder and Little Fires Everywhere compare, and how Jeff and Heather relate the two. Share this episode with anyone who you think would enjoy!

Heather’s rating for Little Fires Everywhere: Super Nice – A great story that inspires the reader to reflect & appreciate what they have

Jeff’s rating for Tropic Thunder: Nice – A funny movie but not for every audience.

Watch Tropic Thunder here: https://www.amazon.com/Tropic-Thunder-Ben-Stiller/dp/B001H5X7I4

Read Little Fires Everywhere here: https://www.amazon.com/Little-Fires-Everywhere-Celeste-Ng/dp/0735224293

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