“Mental Health In Black Pastors” With Pastor Dr. Jerry D. Marable ✌🏽

Black Men Vent Too

24-03-2024 • 1 hr 30 mins

Good Morning Nashville! ☀️ Back at it again guys, new week new episode. We’re getting back into the March season we deemed to be labeled “Mental Health In Black Pastors”. Again, what we want to do with our platform this month is bridge the gap between pastors and mental health, by giving them time away from the pulpit to discuss how they deal with mental health issues in there respective position 🙏🏽 Let’s get into it! Today’s Pastor surely is no stranger to the microphone, as he and his twin brother have been touring all over the country . You’ve seen them on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, BET, and more! We are super excited to bring to today’s vent table none other than Pastor Dr. Jerry Marable, the great Pastor of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church (228) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee ‼️ Pastor Marable, if you know anything about him and his story, is truly a walking miracle. He vents with us today on how God has really made his life a living testimony. Nashville, this is a young man who was on a hospital bed stricken with sickness for 7 STRAIGHT MONTHS. Pastor talks about that experience, church life, touring with his brother, family values, and more. Such a great episode guys, don’t miss this one! ✌🏽 “Have You Heard A Black Man Vent Today?” #BMVT We have a few more heavy hitting Pastor’s that will grace our platform as we close out the month! Make sure you guys tap in to our unique season for more great content from BMVT! We thank you for your support! BMVT Black News Weekly 🗞️ Easter Egg Hunt 🐰 Location: JC Napier Big Field Time: Saturday, March 30th @2p (contact us for more info : blackmenvent2@yahoo.com) --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/blackmenvent2/message