BMVT : Venting With T.Y. Hines ✌🏽

Black Men Vent Too

13-01-2024 • 1 hr 13 mins

Good Morning Nashville ☀️ Back at it again guys! New week so you know to expect new content from the Black Men Vent Too Podcast. Excited to get into today’s episode, let’s dive right into it! We got the Southside of Chicago gracing our platform on today. A true native of Chi-town, has seen it all, done it all, he comes to our platform to vent as we present to some and introduce to others Mr. T.Y. Hines ✌🏽 . Ty opens up today’s episode and shared with us his upbringing in Chicago and just how rough it was to survive. Guns, gangs, and drugs were something that he seen all the time. So much so, that he was held at the car at gun point as a teenager, while his mom was shopping in the local market . Mr. Hines also not only talks about how poverty can push a black man to his limits, but vents about how it seems as if nowadays it’s “the black man versus the black woman”. We have found ourselves competing with each other , instead of us coming together to compete against others . Today’s episode is fasho a good one, all of our Chicago fans tap in! 🔥 “Have You Heard A Black Man Vent Today?”™️ #BMVT Let us all take some time to support T.Y. Hines and his mobile detailing service titled “Your Way Mobile Car Care” 🚘🧼 Follow him here! IG: yourwaymobile Phone: 615-485-8449 Email: BMVT Spotlight Moment ⭐️ Quez Cantrell 🎶 : Stuck 2 The Code BMVT Black News Weekly ✌🏽📰 BONNAROO MUSIC FESTIVAL 🥳 Get your tickets here! 💻 : --- Send in a voice message: