BMVT : Venting With Bryan Barnett ✌🏽

Black Men Vent Too

21-04-2024 • 1 hr 22 mins

Good Morning Nashville! ☀️ Happy weekend everyone! Super excited to once again drop a new episode this week, as we aim to change the narrative of black men one episode at a time. If you’re just now joining us, we want to welcome you to the BADDEST podcast in Nashville. The only podcast that gives you a radio show feeling, with a podcast undertone. Let’s lock in! 😎 We are excited to introduce to you guys such a great guest on today’s podcast. Nashville native, minister, and educator Bryan Barnett ⭐️ joins us on the BMVT podcast today. Mr. Barnett graduated from Antioch High School, and spent time at Tennessee State University where he obtained two degrees during his time there. He comes to our podcast to vent about it being “time for black men to consciously WAKE UP”. Expanding on that, he says that we as men are destroying each other because of a lack of knowledge. We got into conversation about this topic and also about how we have gotten away from the black family dynamic and unity within our culture. Guys, this episode today is loaded with venting … don’t miss it! Tap in! ✌🏽 “Have You Heard A Black Man Vent Today?”™️ #BMVT Guys we really REALLY would love it if you all are able to give us a review on our episodes as you listen and support us! We want to be better, and the only way we can be better is if we hear from YOU 🙂 Take the time to give us a 5 ⭐️ review on Facebook, Spotify, or Apple Podcast today to let us know how you enjoy our platform. BMVT Ad Break ✌🏽📺 Super Mom Contest 🌸 Support our black sister Landria Burkley today! Voting ends April 25th ⭐️ BMVT Black News Weekly 📰✌🏽 The “Nashville Katz” Are Back! 🏈 Full season schedule here: --- Send in a voice message: