EP041 | Build Your Human Diversity into Your Personal Brand, with Shelley Rostlund

The Brand Compass

19-04-2024 β€’ 16 mins

In this episode:

Let’s face it – the world is a scary place right now.

The level of angst that we have gotten used to living with, day in and day out, is actually quite alarming – if we allowed ourselves the time to stop and think about it.

In this episode I hope you remind you of what a magnificent, complex being you are and recognise the challenge we have before us.

Knowing that we are complex is one part to realising we need to gain clarity about how we speak about what we do, and how we express how we can help people, and embody the characteristics that others can resonate and connect with.

I call this your human diversity. The dimensions to you which go further than your credentials and experience. The quicker you identify, articulate and embrace your human diversity, the faster you will be ready to overpower any risk of AI replacing human-driven work in your field.

Come join me. Let’s remember why humans will rise, even with Artificial Intelligence biting at our heels.

- - -

π—¦π—›π—˜π—Ÿπ—Ÿπ—˜π—¬ π—₯π—’Μˆπ—¦π—§π—Ÿπ—¨π—‘π—— π—•π—œπ—’:

Shelley is a systems-led brand strategist working with knowledge experts…those who teach, educate, consult, advise or mentor others. Her specialism is in value propositions, the product eco-system sitting inside brand strategies.

South African born and British-grown, Shelley has worked with 150+ brands across 30+ industries through her consultancy and agency work, and spends the majority of her time running her group programme, teaching micro businesses how to transform their expertise into a momentum-building brand machines.


All episodes are video recorded and can be watched in the website show notes at shelleyrostlund.com/podcast, or on YouTube. (Click here for the full audio transcribed version).