EP031 | Smart Profit Comes from Strategic Product Ecosystems

The Brand Compass

27-10-2023 • 29 mins

In this episode:

I thought it was time we had a little more of an educational or practical episode. This is a workshop-type episode with a download (no email needed) to help you do the work.

I dig into the concept of product ecosystems and the five categories of products or services you will have in a well-functioning ecosystem

I know how easy it is for service-based businesses to:

  • over-think and over-complicate their offers
  • competing with themselves (I explain this)
  • have growth (annoyingly) stumped purely by ambiguity

Grab a pen, a piece of paper (or download my worksheet), and some Lego®️ (I explain in the episode) and…join me.

- - -


Shelley is a systems-led brand strategist working with knowledge experts…those who teach, educate, consult, advise or mentor others. Her specialism is in value propositions, the product eco-system sitting inside brand strategies.

South African born and British-grown, Shelley has worked with 150+ brands across 30+ industries through her consultancy and agency work, and spends the majority of her time running her group programme, teaching micro businesses how to transform their expertise into a momentum-building brand machines.


All episodes are video recorded and can be watched in the website show notes at shelleyrostlund.com/podcast, or on YouTube. (Click here for the full audio transcribed version).