EP030 | Inspiration vs Intimidation...in your Brand Experience, with Shelley Rostlund

The Brand Compass

13-10-2023 • 20 mins

In this episode:

I discuss the dichotomy of: is there a point when you think you are inspiring someone, but actually you are just throwing so much out there (in your passion to get it out), that you are quite frankly…intimidating people.

This conversation is (obviously) heavily tainted by my own subjective opinion on this. But I’d invite you to consider this dichotomy with me and get in touch to let me know your thoughts.

Why do I think this important? How we behave and project ourselves to the outside world, has an impact on who we attract to work with us and that affects our quality of life and work. It’s important to know when, and if, what you think of as inspiring is actually being experienced as intimating.

As consultants, coaches, mentors or advisers to others, I would hope we would really rather not intimate our clients. In my experience that has always been a tactic that disengages and shortens the life time you have with a client.

Join me in this conversation where I’m going to come at this from an observational point of view so that it helps you to calibrate where you sit on this spectrum.

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Shelley is a systems-led brand strategist working with knowledge experts…those who teach, educate, consult, advise or mentor others. Her specialism is in value propositions, the product eco-system sitting inside brand strategies.

South African born and British-grown, Shelley has worked with 150+ brands across 30+ industries through her consultancy and agency work, and spends the majority of her time running her group programme, teaching micro businesses how to transform their expertise into a momentum-building brand machine.


All episodes are video recorded and can be watched in the website show notes at shelleyrostlund.com/podcast, or on YouTube. (Click here for the full audio transcribed version).