Billy & Lisa in the Morning: The After Show

Kiss 108 (WXKS-FM)

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Our Editor's Take

The team from Boston's favorite morning show continues the conversation on this podcast. Billy & Lisa in the Morning: The After Show is the official afterparty for Billy & Lisa in the Morning. Hosts Billy, Lisa, Winnie, and Justin talk about recent news and the latest in pop culture.

Matty in the Morning held the morning show spot Billy & Lisa in the Morning would inherit. The host, Matt Siegel, retired in 2022 after 41 years on the air. Four team members who worked with Siegel carried on with Billy & Lisa in the Morning. Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan get top billing, and cohosts Winnie Akoury and Justin Aguirre provide essential backup. Costa and Donovan are true radio veterans. Costa has been with Kiss 108 radio since 1980, and Donovan has been on the team since 2002.

The podcast offers recaps of topics discussed on that day's morning show. They discuss everything from reality celeb gossip to the power of giving compliments. They even tell stories about their own relationships and give birthday messages. Listeners should expect witty banter, unfiltered perspectives, and plenty of adult language.

The show's affectionate nickname for its fans is “The After Show Army.” Audiences can keep up with the latest podcast updates on the show's website. The hosts answer listener questions there, too—no matter how weird or personal they might be.

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