Episode 105: Sensoria Radio episode #105

Sensoria with DJ Dreamdoctor

15-10-2023 • 59 mins

This week on Sensoria Radio, DJ Dreamdoctor spins classic alternative/new wave from The Smiths, Robert Fripp, Sonic Youth, The Tubes, The Police and much more. See if you can figure out this week's theme.

Oasis / Cigarettes & Alcohol
Siouxsie & The Banshees / Nicotine Stain
13 Engines / Smoke and Ashes
The Police / Invisible Sun
The Smiths / What She Said
Hawksley Workman / Jealous of Your Cigarette
Pukka Orchestra / Listen to the Radio
Robert Fripp / You Burn Me Up; I'm a Cigarette
Sonic Youth / Nic Fit
My Blood Valentine / Cigarette In Your Bed
Dramarama / Last Cigarette
The Sisters of Mercy / Driven Like The Snow
The Pursuit of Happiness / Cigarette Dangles
The Tubes / Smoke
Crash Vegas / Smoke
Northern Pikes / Teenland