Episode 101: Sensoria Radio episode #101 ('V' for Vandetta?)

Sensoria with DJ Dreamdoctor

17-09-2023 • 1 hr

This week on Sensoria, DJ Dreamdoctor plays classic and new alternative/new wave artists that start with the letter V. Remember to turn up the volume...turn it up really loud....

The Vines / Get Free
The Vaselines / Son of a Gun
Violent Femmes / Add It Up
The Vibrators / Baby, Baby
The Velvet Underground / Sweet Jane
Veruca Salt / Seether
Visage / The Anvil
VNV Nation / Joy
Vicious Pink / Take Me Now
The Verve / Slide Away
Vangelis / Pulstar
Voice of America / Story of Love
The Vapors / Turning Japanese
Vietnam / What Have I Done