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What Should We the Believers in the Gospel of the Water and the Spirit Do in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic? Sinners do not know that Jesus Christ will return to this earth. But we the righteous know this very well from the signs of the present age. The world is going through tremendous changes at a dizzying speed. It is, however, still far away from when the enemies will attain complete control over the world. For this to come about, practically every law in this world would have to be turned over. Living in such unusual times, how should the believers in the gospel of the water and the Spirit deal with the pandemic? read less
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1. We Do Not Belong to This World, but to Heaven (Revelation 4)
1. We Do Not Belong to This World, but to Heaven (Revelation 4)
I heard that lately visitors to our website have been downloading many of our dual-language e-books. When we first introduced dual-language books, there were at most a couple of people downloading them, but I am happy to hear that yesterday alone, fourteen people downloaded them. Countries around the world have their own unique languages, and we put together dual-language books so that people can read them while comparing the text between two languages at the same time. As these books are very popular with people from all over the world, I would like us to publish more dual-language books in the days to come. There actually are many people in the world who use two or more languages. There also are many countries where the children and the parents in the same family speak different languages, so I think our dual-language e-books will be very helpful for such families. The more we publish dual-language e-books, the more people around the world will download them, and the more enriched their souls will be thanks to the gospel Word of the water and the Spirit. I can’t speak of every case here, but some people have downloaded dozens of e-books, so I have high expectations. After all, what would these people do after downloading our e-books? They will share them with many more people. Those people will then also see their hearts transformed. That is why we work even harder, thanking the Lord for His righteous work.   https://www.bjnewlife.org/ https://youtube.com/@TheNewLifeMission https://www.facebook.com/shin.john.35