The Evolution of Spirituality ~ Ep.30 ~ Sep 2023

Out On A Limb Podcast

06-09-2023 • 48 mins

In this episode, Samantha, Will, and Allison compare the old spiritual paradigm vs the new spiritual paradigm and why this distinction is important to understand. Why is it necessary to be a Rule Breaker, and why do we need to drop the labels and boxes we are so fond of? Listen in to learn how YOU can make use the new energies bombarding our planet to help lay the foundation for our NEW WORLD! Thank you for watching! We want to support YOU on your journey. Please like, subscribe, and SHARE to help this information reach those who need it. Your comments are read and appreciated; unkind or disrespectful posts will be removed. Samantha Kaufmann, Medium/Energy Channeler, and Spiritual Life Coach William Brown, Trance Channel, and Reiki Master Teacher Dr. Allison Brown, award-winning author, Quantum Healer, and Reiki Master Teacher Purchase Allison’s books here: Leadin/Leadout Video by Matthias Groeneveld from Pixabay Intro/Exit Music by AlexiAction from Pixabay