The Day I was Santa Claus

100 Ghost Story Adventure

20-12-2020 • 1 hr 8 mins

The Day I was Santa Claus, written by Christopher Otacasek, Produced and Directed by Matthew Sucre

Featuring: Brian Sebby, Will Mortensen, Chris Otacasek, Tim Parks, Cara Mia Dunccan,  Becki Algeri, Cristina Rivera,  Amy Lynn Holland,  Chesea Oterio, Amber Gwen, David Estvanko, MaryAnn Janosik, Stephen Benifit and our children actors, Josie and Morgan.

From the Author:

When I first thought about The Day, I Was Santa Claus, I was thinking about how good it felt to donate some time to a food bank for the first time. It caused me to remember those less fortunate when I thought I was at the bottom. Thus, Jim Williams was born. Hearing this production from Sweet Bunny Productions brings a tear to my eye and reminds me we all can do something to make someone else’s Holiday a little better. Especially in a year when we have all been thrown in the same boat and are all out on rough seas. Please enjoy this story with your heart as well as your ears. Thank you.

Produced with permission of the Author.

Music and Sound effects by Fesliyan Studios, Freesound, and Zapsplat.