The Ghosts of Lake Erie

100 Ghost Story Adventure

02-11-2019 • 19 mins

Welcome to the live (recorded on Halloween) broadcast event of the 100 Ghost Story Adventure podcast. Tonight, live from the campus of Lake Erie College via, we will be sharing several of the campus ghost stories.

We will hear about “Tiberius,” the campus mascot credited with saving students from the Memorial Hall Fire; “Stephanie,” the student who haunts the fourth floor of College Hall; and a personal experience with Mrs. Morley, the ghost of Morley Music Hall.

These stories will be featured as we complete a nine-story Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, a ghost story game from Feudal Japan, rumored to attract spirits to join our gathering.

Our regular cast members, Amanda and Stephen will be sharing their own ghostly experiences in “Jared” and “Olde Towne Hall Theatre.”

A special thanks to the Lake Erie College Community, especially Dr. Jerry Jaffe for inviting us to campus (and reading a part of the script).

So enjoy the show as we bring these stories to life again.