Real Rednecks aren't boot lickers | Dark Dives


14-11-2023 • 33 mins

Go to to get 15% off. Sign up for our Patreon to support what we do! Welcome to Dark Dives, a new series where we explore the murky and devious depths of humanity. When you hear the term ‘redneck’, you probably think of a patriotic southerner. Maybe even a MAGA follower. But redneck used to mean something very different. In fact, you could even argue that it used to mean the complete opposite of what it means today. Connect With Me:’ Sources: Writers/Researchers/Helpers: Ali Z-B This episode was edited and mixed by: G. Thomas Craig Album cover art created by: Betsy Primes Intro Song Credits: Last to Fall- Will Van De Crommert Outro Song Credits: Sacred and Profane- Nicholas Rowe Learn more about your ad choices. Visit