Episode 5: Determination (Chapter 1 + Chapter 2)...After The Hospital - (12th - 21st August 2020)

COVID-19: A Diary Of...COnvalescence, Vulnerability, Isolation & Determination.

13-10-2020 • 22 mins

  • In Chapter1+2, of this Episode, Robert uses a collection of excerpts from video calls/voice messages he made to Family and Friends, during the period (12th - 21st August 2020), after leaving the Hospital.

  • These excerpts reveal, the struggle he has with ''getting back his body", continuing Insomnia, and the realization he has a serious condition P.E - Pulmonary embolism) as a consequence of him catching the virus.

  • It's at this point he decided to create a Youtube Channel in tandem with this Podcast.
    The channel name is:COVID19ADiaryOf (link to be confirmed)

  • #COVID19ADiaryOf

  • STAY SAFE...please!

  • If you ARE (or HAVE been) a COVID19 sufferer and would like to be interviewed about your experiences, please contact Robert on covid19adiaryof@gmail.com


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