COVID-19: A Diary Of...COnvalescence, Vulnerability, Isolation & Determination.

Robert AWERE

Have You Had, Or Currently Have, The COVID19 Virus?...Do You Know Somebody Who Has The COVID19 Virus Right Now?...Are You Curious To Know How It Feels To Have Had (and Survived) The COVID19 Virus?... If Your answer IS YES, To The Above Then You'll NEED To Listen To This PodCast."COVID19: A Diary Of...COnvalescence, Vulnerability, Isolation & Determination".
Episode 5: Determination (Chapter 1 + Chapter 2)...After The Hospital - (12th - 21st August 2020)Episode 4: Hospital (part2)- Leaving Day, 12th August 2020Episode 3: Hospital (part 1)- Loneliness, Isolation.  (8th - 12th Aug 2020)Episode 2: Where Did I Catch The COVID19 Virus...? (25th July to 2nd August 2020)Episode 1:Introduction
Robert Awere, a 54-year-old black-British ex-pat living in Brussels-BELGIUM, knew he had the COVID19 Virus on the 1st August 2020, when he first showed the symptoms he showed. In this Podcast, Robert shares with us in a diary format, his thoughts, feelings, experiences as he caught, fought and recovers from this wretched virus.He talks about his ongoing COnvalescence, also of the Vulnerability he felt as his body failed him, as well as the Isolation of his hospitalization. His Determination to ''get back his body'' from this wretched Virus is remarkable.This Podcast is raw. Unscripted and explicit,  he "pulls no punches" in this COVID19 Podcast as he tells us, what it was really like at the various stages of his illness and through his continuing convalescence.Originally, this COVID-19 Podcast was created for himself, as an aid to his recovery. Also, for his UK based family, to share with them, the experience as well as, what he was going through at the time. During his illness,  none of his family members, or circle of friends, knew personally anyone who had had the COVID19 Virus…for most of them, THIS WAS their first experience of having a close friend/family member seriously affected by COVID19.#COVID19ADiaryOfSTAY SAFE...please!If you ARE (or HAVE been) a COVID19 sufferer OR know of someone close who has COVID19 and would like to be interviewed about your experiences, please contact Robert on covid19adiaryof@gmail.comCREDITS:Intro Music by Dan Henig..."Eternal Garden" INTRO/OUTRO voice by...'Helenavoice' Podcast Artwork by...macaw_designIf you enjoyed this podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes (or wherever you have listened to this podcast)? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. THANK YOU.Other Podcasts by Robert AWEREAWERE FIRST PUBLISHING | BLOG Podcast | non-fiction articles in Technology, Wellness, Self-Care...and more
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