Diversity, Burnout, and Problem-Solving with Vinda Souza

The Staffing Show

08-03-2024 • 42 mins

In today’s episode, David Folwell welcomes back one of our favorite guests, Vinda Souza, CMO at RefAssured. Tuning in you’ll hear us cover a range of topics relevant to leaders within the staffing industry, from the value of DEI and competitive differentiation to the causes and antidotes to burnout. We talk with Vinda about the importance of diversity when it comes to problem-solving and recognizing blind spots, before learning why DEI is essential for better decisions and happier cultures. We also discuss the root causes of burnout, suggested solutions, and how to make hiring decisions that lead to healthy, supportive teams. Join us for Vinda’s insights on DEI, burnout, and getting company culture right.