Harnessing Technology in Staffing with Lauren Jones and Rob Mann

The Staffing Show

13-05-2024 • 32 mins

In this episode, Lauren Jones, Founder of Leap Advisory Partners, and Rob Mann, VP of Sales at Newbury Partners, join us to unpack trends and the transformative power of technology in staffing. Lauren is a powerhouse in the staffing industry, known for her expertise in workforce technology, change management, and female leadership advocacy, while Rob is regarded as a dynamic figure in the staffing industry, renowned for his expertise in sales and recruitment automation. In our conversation, we delve into industry mergers, sales strategies, technology optimization, and the role of AI in staffing. We discuss the exciting new partnership between Leap and Newbury, how the different companies complement each other, and why it is a one-stop shop. Explore why aligning recruitment and sales teams is essential, the trend of optimization, and important considerations when investing in AI technology. Gain insights into why your tech stack is a living organism, experimenting with new technologies, actionable strategies for integrating AI into your recruitment practices, and more. Tune in to discover exciting staffing trends and how AI is reshaping the recruitment landscape with Lauren Jones and Rob Mann!