Stronger Talent Communities with Rachelle Arnold of Staffing Referrals

The Staffing Show

09-05-2024 • 35 mins

Talent communities are more than just the talent and the recruiters – it’s everyone and everything that you have access to more than your closest competitors. Walking us through the value of strong talent communities is the Vice President of Customer Experience at our sponsor company Staffing Referrals, Rachelle Arnold. Rachelle’s rich professional history in staffing makes her the perfect candidate to define what a talent community is and to explain why it’s important to fully understand the term.  Our conversation journeys us through the work done at Staffing Referrals, why it’s vital to have a unique talent pool to pull from, how to assess a recruiter’s quality and credentials, and the incredible power of referral placements. We also discuss how failure opens doors of opportunity, why the candidate experience matters, why trust and transparency are essential components of recruiting in today’s climate, and everything that the industry is doing to boost and streamline recruiter productivity.