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Black Girl Voiceover World is a podcast wherein actress, Tiffany J. Copeland discusses voiceover from the black perspective. read less
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This Is How We Do It with Deven Mack
This Is How We Do It with Deven Mack
Recently we’ve seen white voice actors choosing to leave their famed roles portraying characters of color, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, the VoiceOver world is shifting their focus to casting black voice actors in African American character roles. It’s equally important the we be invited to share in all aspects of the creative process, from concept to casting. Today, you’ll get to hear my candid conversation with Deven Mack, Canadian voice actor, writer, and director as he gives us a black male perspective on that creative process. Find out how his Caribbean roots and music by Biggie, Mace, Puffy and Tupac continue to influence the animated characters he portrays. Animation is his game, voicing television characters such as Thanos in Marvel Battleworld:Mystery of the Thanostones, the Skull Sorcerer in Ninjago, and Chef Hatchet in Total Dramarama. Thank you for pressing play and joining me for the Black Girl Voiceover World podcast. I’m your host, Tiffany J. Copeland. For more Black Girl Voiceover World content visit and download the Black Girl Voiceover World app on your android and apple device for ad free listening. I know you’re ready, for This Is How We Do It with Deven Mack.Deven Mack on Instagram Mack on Twitter Mack on YouTube In Voiceover App on IOS App Android