Life and Health with Chronic Pain

Randi Pullar

Welcome to my show - life and health with Chronic Pain; my name is Randi Pullar, and this is my show, where I am endeavouring to explore Life and Health with Chronic Pain and Fatigue.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer + Yoga Teacher specializing in intuitive, low-impact, anti-diet, and weight-inclusive approaches to fitness. I write about life with chronic pain and fatigue and the struggle to stay “healthy” through it all.

On this show, I will share my research and discoveries about movement and chronic pain, as well as interview other chronic pain warriors and professionals in the field. If you enjoy today’s episode, please make sure to give this a like and subscribe to whatever platform you use today.

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Reflections and Intentions for 2023
Reflections and Intentions for 2023
Want to learn more about Life and Health with Chronic Pain and Fatigue? Visit my site and learn all about my Coaching and Online Resources! www.randipullar.comBlog - *Undated Weekly* Digital Intuitive Planner me:Instagram Website Newsletter*Disclaimer When you add more movement to your routine, it is always best to check with your doctors first to ensure that you are cleared and stay within your limits. Make sure that you are constantly being safe when participating in physical activities, ensure that your surroundings are cleared, equipment is in good working order and that you feel well enough to participate. If you are not feeling well or experiencing increased symptoms, it is best to reduce your movement to something very gentle. If anything feels off, painful, or extra uncomfortable (beyond the expected), and if it does not stop after you have stopped moving, please seek medical attention. I, Randi Pullar, am a certified Personal Trainer (CFES), 200hr certified yoga teacher (my vinyasa practice), and a certified therapy assistant (Okanagan College). I am not a doctor or physiotherapist; if you are looking for actual medical advice, it is best to check with your doctor or a physiotherapist. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
September Book Club
September Book Club
This was a great book to start this book club off with! So much happiness and joy! I really feel like that is the biggest part of movement and exercise that we have lost. For too long, we have been too focused on using movement as a means to control, shame and punish our bodies! It was so nice to read about movement with no connection to weight loss! In this book, Kelly McGonigal explores all the different ways movement makes us feel happier and gives us hope, connection and courage. She looks at the way it physically affects our bodies and brains, and the science behind it all, which is my favourite part. Movement has such a profound effect on our bodies and minds affecting everything from our memory and creativity to how our immune system responds to threats! She also explores the ways people, space, music and challenge can affect the experience. Moving your body with other people, whether in a synchronized aerobic class or walking in a 5k fundraiser can bring us a greater sense of hope and fulfillment in the process. Taking that outside can make it even better. Add some tough obstacles that challenge you, and some music and you will be flying high - a persistent high that is!! Our book club, while still a small group, did have a pretty varying view of the book. Some loved it, some not so much, but the one thing we all agreed on was that we will not be participating in any tough mudders or ultra-marathons anytime soon! Dealing with chronic pain has been enough of a challenge for us! If you want to join the next book club meeting, click the link below. The group is free to join and is a ton of fun! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.