RNegade: A nurse with the courage to unshackle her voice has the power to save her patient’s life, transform her career, and revolutionize her profession.

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20-12-2022 • 1 hr 12 mins

When you hear Rose’s (“Rosie’s”) voice, you might think she is not a formidable individual. You’d be dead wrong. Once an evidence clerk for the FBI and then a nurse and finally a patient advocate, Rosie shares her story of fighting for others’ rights by both problem solving and advocacy. Join RNegade Podcasters Antra and Karen as they explore the importance of finding your voice. Get a CE for listening to this episode via https://www.rnegade.pro -| The Nurse Podcast Channel is made possible with support from IHI. Learn more about how IHI is transforming health care education at IHI.org -| This episode originally aired on November 30, 2022 on RNegade. Listen, follow and subscribe here.