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JATO Dynamics, founded in 1984, now has representation in over 51 countries around the world. We provide precision under pressure, providing the world’s most timely, accurate and up-to-date automotive information on vehicle specifications, pricing, sales and registrations for over 30 years. We offer more than just data, as we’ve watched the world change, and consumer mindsets alter with it we have been able to offer insights that help inform the industry. We’re able to react to short-term market movements, plan for long-term developments and ultimately to meet the needs of our clients. read less


From the winners and losers of 2022 to industry trends set to disrupt the automotive market
From the winners and losers of 2022 to industry trends set to disrupt the automotive market
JATO podcast host Felipe Munoz and guest speaker Neil Winton talk Tesla, EVs, and all things China, from the winners and losers of 2022 to industry trends set to disrupt the automotive market. About JATO: Enabling robust decision making for our customers is the shared aim we have for all our solutions. Whether you are looking to compare vehicle specifications, optimise your total cost of ownership position in the market, or recommend a balanced incentive strategy, you will find a solution to help answer these challenges and many more that your business faces. You have the option to utilise JATO insight in a number of ways: we can provide the information within an analytical tool; work with your team to customize a JATO solution to meet your requirements; or take on the analysis too by providing bespoke analysis and reporting. The choice is yours, so please contact us or explore any of the links below to learn more about how we can ensure that our knowledge becomes your power. Solutions Provided By JATO: Monthly Payments is the future of benchmarking vehicle finance offers. Extensive, compliant, reliable, and timely data that allows you to compare vehicles the way your customers do. Monthly Payments: With Monthly Payments, you can: monitor and identify regional trends, forecast demandunderstand your local pricing landscapemonitor and identify regional buying trendsaccess live data in a fast-changing and highly competitive environment. Compiled by expert researchers with the help of industry-leading technology, Monthly Payments arms you with up-to-date insights and supports business-critical decisions on product, value propositions, and benchmarking. JATO Sales Link: Sales Link is the free to use, must-have solution for franchised dealers, delivering real market insights on the performance of new vehicle sales. Understand, at a glance, how you’re performing in comparison to the other dealers in the market with key metrics like Sales activity by model/trim optionsDrill down into vehicle options, discounts and sales performance. See your successes and learn where your areas for improvement are. Increase your profitability with market-leading knowledge and insights that: Compares your historical sales data vs anonymised market data, analysing thousands of transactions a monthHighlights the most and least desirable vehicle configurationsShows what discounts are being applied, and the most common trendsAdds margins, by including the most popular additional options and packs