4. The Three Reasons "Content Strategy" Has You Stressed Out (and What You can Do About It!)

The Marketing Matters Podcast with Beth Gebhard

22-03-2022 • 20 mins

Does any of this sound familiar when you think of "content strategy?"
  • "What the heck IS that?"
  • “I don’t have the time”
  • “I just don’t know what to say”
  • “I have nothing important to share”
  • “I’m a bad writer”
  • “I don’t want to record a video”
    “I’d blogging still a thing?”
  • “I hired someone to handle my content, but they’re just not getting it done right.”

I hear you … I’ve been there myself many times! But, knowing that content strategy can produce 3x the number of leads that a paid search campaign can (and cost you 62% less!), it’s worth it for us to try to get better at it (or, at the very least, hate it a bit less. Right?)

In this, I dig into to what I see are the top 3 problems that folks face when tackling content strategy, and I share some tips for ways to tackle each one!

And, if you want to take it a step further, be sure to check out my 5-part blog series ALL about content strategy (what it is, how to do it well, and how to measure it) here:


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