62: Bonus Episode - Voice notes on stigma

Mental - The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health

17-05-2019 • 10 mins

In this bonus episode for UK Mental Health Awareness Week past guests and fellow podcasters share how stigma has affected them. In order of appearance those who feature in the episode are as follows:

Dani Hogan - Personal Development Coach and part of the Mental Podcast team. You'll hear a lot more from her soon.

Emma Sue Price - Author of 7 Skills for the Future and upcoming guest on the podcast.

Gráinne Clancy - Counsellor and past podcast guest on Episode 20 of Mental.

Terry Maguire - Host of the Giving Voice to Depression Podcast and past guest on Mental in Episode 33

Emma Burdett - Creator of Real Talk Theatre and next weeks podcast guest.

Fiona Thomas - Writer, Co-Host of the Positive People Podcast that Bobby is a guest on this week and past guest on Episode 32

Here we go! Mental is the brain-child of Bobby Temps, who lives and thrives while managing his own mental health. Each Thursday we delve into a factor or condition that influences the mind and how to better manage it.

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